Server boots with black screen

I’ve had this issue occasionally with Server 2012R2 targets that boot from a PVS vDisk.   Symptom: After making changes to a provisioned vDisk and promoting the vDisk to production, servers will boot but will sit at a black screen.  No windows login, no control alt delete. Nothing.  Even going through the vcenter console. Nada.  […]

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WEM – CPU Logging

I love the ability with Citrix Workspace Environment Manager to be able to set limits on CPU usage for applications.  However, WEM does not provide any built-in logs to determine when a CPU Spikes Protection action is taken. It would be nice to know what processes are often limited, so we can then add them […]

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Restart Schedules Stop Working

I had an issue where my scheduled reboots of servers in Delivery groups stopped working.  Even stranger, some delivery groups were rebooting at the wrong times.  After all users had logged out of a server, the broker service would put the server in maintenance mode and shut it down.  It would not power back on. […]

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